Friday, 31 January 2014

"Must read it" Before installing Windows 8, 8.1,..

Survey Report: 
I wished to update my pc to windows 8.1, but after 2 weeks of installing it, i found problem in connectivity of wifi, when problem appears i tried to update driver, it hangs and continue on restart. 
3 weeks after, their come problem (plugged in, not charging), and some times it works. i changed charger too, but problem persist.
After 4 weeks it show charger as it is not connected. 
After 5 weeks, when i click power button to turn on, it run, and some time it does not on several clicks, after 4 to 5 hours it work as normal.
Then i found problem in sound card too. i reinstalled driver but it worked when it want.
Then i searched from my fellows that windows 8 is also giving them same problem even in Hp laptops too..
Then i think that windows 8 is not compatible with my Laptop.

Then i searched people who newly installed windows, 8, 8.1 pro and enterprise, they told me the same issue with HP (i5,  and several i3 tested), Dell (several i5 and dual core tested) and Asus. Then i found that there is something in windows 8 which is killing my machine. It is either due to incompatibility or due to cracked version punishment.

Then i rolled back to Windows 7. 
Power button problem solved.
Sound card problem solved
Charger some times charge and some times show plugged in not charging, but shows to be connected
Wifi hardware some times showed sometimes hide as usual but when shows it works perfectly.
Then i searched many forums on Internet and even consult to experts, they recommend me to update BIOS.
Now i am going to flash it.. see what happen. :-)